Ideas In Intermedia:
Theorizing Instagram

Art 362

Roski School of Art and Design

Spring 2020

Instructor: Jean Robison

This lecture and discussion class considers how Instagram, as a form of both mass media and personal expression, has informed and impacted the ways we think about culture and art. With this frame of reference, we will explore how Instagram can be used as a platform for artistic expression. Topics under consideration: voyeurism, the formation of the “self,” the personal body, archives, fame and celebrity, appropriation, aspirational desire, usership, empowerment/disempowerment, “like-culture” and surveillance capitalism. This class will explore popular culture, personal expression, terms of service agreements, algorithms, memes, venn diagrams and targeted advertising. Readings, lectures, screenings, guest lectures, workshops and class discussions will shape student’s projects and research to lead to a deeper understanding of the impact and use of this social media platform.

Project 1 "IG Takeover: Your IG Hyperfocus"