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Found in Translation by Oussa Mira Bun

    Social media is an extension of our reality. We constantly update our lives on social media t, especially now in this time of isolation that forces us to interact with others digitally.

    Found in Translation is a social media project that exists on the Instagram platform that is open for everyone to collaborate and contribute. This Instagram page allows the audience to be the admin of the account and add anything they like to the previous photo and repost it to add to the page and the next person repeats the process.

    With social media comes the memes and repost culture, the culture of appropriation and reappropriation and recontextualization of an image. Every day on social media we are bombarded with memes and reposts that are very much the same but in a different context. Memes are considered by some to be a form of pop art and it has infiltrated the mainstream to become an everyday presence in our lives. This flow of appropriation and reappropriation and recontextualization of an image brings the question of authorship. The question is who owns the content that was created. Furthermore, who owns the account since everyone has the password to be admin of the account.

    This exploration of reappropriation, recontextualization, and authorship stems from the documentary Everything is a Remix by Kirby Ferguson. In this documentary, the main idea is that creativity and originality requires influence thus everything is a remix of existing creations. Every new creation is a copy, transformation, or combination of existing creations. This project, in a way, was created to explore this idea, the remixing of a work by multiple people, how the previous existing photo influences the next one.

    The project also acts as an escape from what is going on at the moment in the world that is the global pandemic. This Instagram page offers people something to do while they are bored during isolation, something to create and forget about what is going around us.

Notice: Found in Translation is an ongoing project that intends to be open and allow people to continue to collaborate indefinitely. A new photo will be posted by the artist, Oussa Bun, when the old photo is too crowded.